Die Hard 5 Earns 12A UK Rating

The fifth film in the Die Hard franchise, the confusingly named A Good Day To Die Hard, has been given a 12A rating by the British Board of Film Classification, even though it was classified as an R over in the US.

You can read the BBFC’s guidance below, but be warned in advance that it contains the words “mild innuendo”.

“The film contains four uses of strong language (‘f**k’) and a partial use of ‘motherf***er’, the end of which has been cut short so the implied strong language is not heard in full”.

“Against a backdrop of explosions, car chases and the destruction of property, there are a number of scenes featuring shootings which occasionally show brief bullet impacts, but there is no focus on blood or injury. In scenes of hand-to-hand combat we see brief punches and kicks, impressionistic rifle butt blows and an implied, but unseen, neck break. Although there are some crunchy sound effects and incidental shots of the heroes with blood on their faces and clothes, no detail of injury is shown.

A Good Day To Die Hard also includes scenes of gun threat to the head and several brief shots of knife-blades as the heroes prepare to defend themselves. There are also passing references to ‘doing drugs’ and some mild innuendo.”

A few notes from our end. A partial use of motherfucker? If the word motherfucker is going to be used in a Die Hard movie, chances are it’ll be said after the words “Sniff my cheese!” “Yippee-kay-yay” so expect that catchphrase to be more muted than previous instances. Also, as previously hinted at, “mild innuendo” sounds more Carry On than John McClane. Sad, but true.

A Good Day To Die Hard will motherf***er its way into cinemas on February 14.


Die Hard 5 Earns 12A UK Rating
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