New Gulliver’s Travels Trailer Washes In

If i’m honest, i’m still not 100% sold on Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels, which sees him take on the role of Lemuel Gulliver, who washes up on the shores of Lilliput and causes problems for the country’s tiny inhabitants. The first trailer didn’t inspire perfect confidence, and the new one, which you can watch below, doesn’t quite put our worries to rest.

Which is a shame, because Black leads a fantastic cast that includes Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Amanda Peet, Romany Malco, Billy Connolly, Chris O’Dowd and Catherine Tate. Plus it has director Rob Letterman, graduated to live action from the fun ‘toon Monsters Vs Aliens, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Nick Stoller had a hand in the script.

This tweaked version finds Gulliver as a wannabe writer who scores an assignment to track down the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. Which promptly shipwrecks him in Lilliput where he tries to win over the miniature kingdom.

We’re not sure quite what it is that seems off about the movie – maybe it’s the fact that the gags smack of Standard Family Comedy along the lines of Garfield (which was a big box office hit) and the Chipmunk movies (ditto). And this latest promo appears to give away the whole story.

Still, we’re prepared to reserve judgement until the movie itself arrives on December 26, by which time our brains might be all turkey-addled and more in the mood for it. Check out the trailer below and let us know if it makes you eager to watch it…

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